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Rebirth is rebuilding the spirit and matter,
a believe that the impossible may be.
(Eli Cohen)

These are difficult times in Israel
We are all now “the home front”

The purpose of this venture is to enable people from Israel and abroad to buy from small businesses and services, particularly those who have been significantly impacted by the tragic events of October 7. The war continues and we are all doing our part to help these families earn a living during these trying times.

Together we will win.

It's very simple!

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Choose a product 
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Send it to a friend in Israel
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Support Israel's economy

Do you live outside of Israel? 
Purchase a gift or service from a small business

for your relatives and friends in Israel

and help them earn a living


  They need our help now!  

Send a gift to a friend in Israel

Businesses from the evacuated areas are  marked in orange 

The site was established voluntarily by Ortal Cohen, an independent entrepreneur for 20 years.
In collaboration with Adi Aharon, Design By Adida Studio

Legal Representation & Support - Adv. Aviva Shvidel, Piron Law Firm

At this time, collaborations are being formed with sponsors, supporters and delivery services in order to upgrade the website's service.

You can contact us using the "Contact Us" form on the website / on WhatsApp +972-54-4430315

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